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Television & Film

Rod Lara various appearances on film and TV.

Rod Lara Showreel

A montage of Rod Lara's monumental work on TV & Film.

Old El Paso TVC - Rice kits.

Mexican uncle.

Carlton Cold TVC

Rod Lara as Yeti.


Boat, Camping & Fishing.

EAST YORK - Circus.

Mime performance in EAST YORK's music video 'Circus'.

"Only the Young Die Good"

Feature film trailer. Rod Lara plays the lead as Raul.

'Luke Warm Sex' - TV Show.

Appearance in 'Luke Warm Sex' ABC TV show - Episode 5.

2013 The Great Debate

Rod Lara's appearance as Paul McDermott's mime double.

'Safer With A Gun' - Music Video

Lead as a mime.

Song by band Plastic.

Directed by Robert Spence and Jessica Rae
Cinematography by Alan Vidot
Edited by Dmitri Cherkasski

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