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Sometimes, when things do not go as planned, say, "Oops!" and try again! Maybe you caused a mishap or two? Say, "Oops!" and try again. 


A family-friendly 40 minute show starring the lovable Banjo and his friends Molly and Frosty. A tutti-frutti mix of clowning, mime, slapstick comedy and catchy tunes. You won't say, "Oops!" the same way again. "OOPS!"


2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Banjo & Molly Show

'Wow!' is a vaudeville style comedy show that mixes physical comedy, mime and songs!


Starring the lovable Banjo and songstress Molly. This show is family entertainment for all ages.

Some previous venues/events:

  • 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival

  • Kangaroo Island - Country Arts

  • Brainwave - Kids in Motion

Comedy routines


Guest performing a mime routine in 'Nothing Toulouse'


'Night Train'

Oops - Studio Shoot - 09-03-18 (73) LR.j
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Welcome to the Music Hall

Banjo has been a regular in the variety show, vaudeville styled 'Welcome to the Music Hall. Both as a solo performer or with the Diva.

Banjo & diva.jpg

In the tradition of Vaudeville and Music Hall from the early 1900s, The Old Married Couple presents ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’, a Musical Vaudeville Variety Show.

The vintage-styled novelty duo will act as guides through a night of outrageous, honest and light-hearted kazoo filled novelty jazz songs. In addition to this couple’s quirky comedy and danceable tunes, this one-of-a-kind show also features special performances by guest performers from worlds as diverse as: burlesque, physical comedy, mime, circus, drag, stand-up comedy, sideshow and more in a Vaudeville Variety Show with toots, hoots and some naughty humour to boot.

‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ is a show rooted in the Vaudeville traditions of variety, comedy, novelty songs, dancing and chanting singalongs for a modern world. The show also features irresistibly catchy and danceable music.

The Old Married Couple are bringing their 4-piece Dixie-jazz band, kazoos, vintage outfits, silly songs, comedy and special guest performers to Ballarat for the first time ever at The Lost Ones Basement Bar. This guests for this show will bring burlesque, boylesque and physical comedy and mime.

Welcome to the Music Hall

Showreel teaser 2018

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