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What he lacks in words, this mime makes up in movement.


Rod Lara is a first class mime who is skilled and experienced. He affords this delightfully silent character elements of clown and, perhaps, a few dancing sequences. This Mime will astonish the audience with his hilarious antics and, most often, breakdancing skills.


Aside from roving work, Mimo has delighted many with his one-mime show that has the right touch of vintage, which can be enjoyed with either backing music or live accompaniment.

Mimo also collaborates with musician Phil Carrol in their 'French Music & Mime Shows', which they perform at various schools. READ MORE



The very endearing Mimo.

Mime Performance at the 2022 Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF)

Rod was honoured to have been invited to perform his mime performance prior to the screening of Marcel Marceau's documentary 'L'Art Du Silence' (The art of Silence) at the 2022 Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF).

Location: Classic Cinema. Elsterbnwick.
                Melbourne Australia.


Mime Performance at the 2022 Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF)

Live Mime performance at JIFF 2022.

'The Great Debate' TV appearance.

Mimo appearance on TV show 'The Great Debate' alongside Paul McDermott.

Last Mime Standing

Solo mime show

Duration: 50 minutes


A disgruntled mime is forced to live inside an underground shelter due to a global apocalyptic catastrophe. How much more can he withstand? Are these signs of times ahead, or maybe even, the end of the world? Will he be the last mime standing?


Written & Performed by Rod Lara
Directed by Brett Danalake
Music composed by mbryo
Produced by 9 Owls Productions



2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Gasworks Studio Theatre. 

2014 Melbourne Fringe. Gasworks Studio Theatre.


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