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Michael Jackson

   Tribute Show



Michael Jackson, The King of Pop was one of the most influential and famous entertainers of this past century.

Rod Lara brings those trademark moves and music to his Michael Jackson Tribute Show - a 15 minute dance extravaganza that can suit any event. Either solo or with back-up dancers, the Michael Jackson Tribute Show will leave you wanting MORE!

"[T]he incredible Rod Lara and his seamless impersonation of the late Michael Jackson: Lara's exceptionally precise choreography embodied the King of Pop and was a stark reminder that while he may be gone, MJ is never far from our minds, or our hearts" - Australian Stage review 27/06/12.


Rove and/or tribute show.


Michael Jackson

A grand tribute to the KIng of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Rod Lara's 'Michael Jackson Tribute Show'

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