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Last Mime Standing

Duration: 50 minutes.

Solo Mime show.


A disgruntled mime is forced to live inside an underground shelter due to a global apocalyptic catastrophe. How much can he cope? Are these signs of the times or end of the world? Is he the Last Mime Standing?


Written & Performed by Rod Lara
Directed by Brett Danalake
Music composed by mbryo
Produced by 9 Owls Productions



2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Gasworks Studio Theatre. 

2014 Melbourne Fringe. Gasworks Studio Theatre.


Weekend Notes:


Melbourne. Arts. Fashion:


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Banjo - "Oops"
kids comedy show

Duration: 30 minutes.

Solo show.


When things don't go as planned, it's best to say OOPS!... and try again.

Banjo's stage show is a mix  physical comedy, mime and clowning at its best. A magical journey through the eyes of Banjo. Starring physical comedic actor, Rod Lara, as the lovable Banjo.
A family friendly, lighthearted & funny collection presented & produced by 9 Owls Productions


Click here to watch the promo reel.


Previously performed:

Fleurieu Fringe (Adelaide) - 2017

Lee Street Fete - 2017

The Village Festival - 28th & 29th of October @ Edinburgh Gardens.

Upcoming 'Oops!' performances:

Noorat Show - 18th of November @ Noorat Recreational Reserve, Noorat. VIC.

Soul Brutha
'Soul Flava' & 'How I Found my Shanarama'

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Duration: 45 minutes each show. Comedy, dancing & cabaret.



A tribute show to the era of Soul, Funk & Disco of the late 70's. Barry White, Isaac Hayes, ELO... Soul Brutha will encapsulate it all into a smooth and soothing package.


Promo video coming soon as Soul Brutha will be traveling the world performing 'Soul Flava' in cruise ships. Cruisin'!


Click here to watch promo reel. "Hey! Whoop it up, ya'll"


How did Soul Brutha becoming Soul Brutha? With the aid of original songs, high energy dancing and a bit of yak-yak; Soul Brutha will take you into a transdimensional journey from Alpha to Omega on how Soul Brutha evolve into his "True Magnificence"... His words, not mine.

Get a taste of Soul Brutha's original tunes - 'Lookin' Atcha'

Produced by 9 Owls Productions


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